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Experience a new dimension in home entertainment – 3D

samsung-3d.jpgA new dimension in TV and home entertainment can be yours with Samsung 3D TV. Now available at Crescendo Designs, Samsung provides a cinematic-quality 3D experience in the comfort of your living room. Samsung 3D is a truly immersive viewing experience, with the power to fill your room with images you can almost touch.

See its vivid dimensions in picture depth – and action that virtually leaps off the screen – right in our Crescendo showroom. We’re displaying the Samsung 3D TV and 3D Blu-ray player as well as the 3D Starter Kit, which includes two pairs of glasses, a transmitter and a 3D movie.

Crescendo Designs Named Dealer of Waterfall Audio

Since being founded in 1996, Waterfall has proven its standing through design, technology and innovation. Within a few years, Waterfall has succeeded in imposing a new speaker concept for the world market, being totally unique and also combining new and different elements which had never been attempted before.

waterfall_victoria-evo_igua.jpgDesigned around strict technical specifications, usually called for in monitoring studio speakers, based on innovating proprietary technologies and drawn like “art objects”, Waterfall speakers provide the ultimate solution for aesthetical integration in any style of home.

For Hi Fi, Home Cinema or Multi-room, and whether the preference is for floor standing speakers, on-wall or in-wall, their complete range of products offers the perfect solution for any need.

Waterfall speakers are the ideal solution for customers in search of true “high end” performance and exclusive design.

Visit our Showroom today to audition these speakers.

Hail to the High Tech Home

One of the sexiest companies on the East End of Long Island is Crescendo Designs, owned and operated by Chris & Mike Brody. The company is a high-end audio/video and communication/control products company, that makes what was once thought to be science fiction possible. Feel like turning the heat up on your pool via your cell phone while driving out to the Hamptons? Crescendo can make that happen. Feel like being able to put all the shades down from your laptop in New York City? That’s not a problem. Feel like having every system in your house set to “party mode” where the lights, hvac, pool, spa and music systems all magically shift to the appropriate settings at the touch of a button via remote from your London office? That’s what the guys at Crescendo do everyday.

The company, with its showroom in Southampton, was truly the pioneer in bringing high-end theater systems to estates in the Hamptons. If you’ve ever been to a home that has its own private theater, chances are, Brody and his employees at Crescendo installed it and have it running to perfection.

As the business continues to expand and many clients with homes in New York City specifically asking for the care and experience Crescendo brings to their industry, the company appears to be hitting its, well, crescendo (sorry I couldn’t help it).

“People absolutely love it when they realize that we can offer complete control remotely for nearly every system in their home. Having the ability to check up on their house from the city through security cameras or being able to adjust motorized shades really makes a difference in a home.”

Crescendo focuses in on the quality of their products, such as Lutron lighting and motorized shades, both of which give remote access from anywhere in the world via an internet connection. For the controls in the home, Crescendo utilizes Crestron controls, which streamline and simplify all of the technology in your home using an intuitive touch pad. Having this kind of control of your house has obvious “fun” and “cool” factors to it, but there are also very practical solutions to it as well, such as security. As Brody explains, “When people leave their homes and head back to the city, it can be obvious to a trespasser that they aren’t there because all the lights in the house are off or the television isn’t on. Many of our clients have their houses set in ‘away’ mode, which will turn the lights on at certain times to keep trespassers away.”

The line of products Crescendo sells are among the best brands in the business. For speakers they offer Bowers and Wilkins, Anthony Gallo Acoustics, PSB and others. For Plasma, LCD and DLP televisions they offer Runco, Sharp, Samsung, Panasonic, Philips, Sony and other brands. Brody personally looks into everything that they sell to make sure that they are up to his, and ultimately his clients’ standards. When you are dealing with people who demand only the best, your business has to be run the same way. All members of the Crescendo design team are Cedia Certified installation crews and have extensive experience and knowledge of all of the equipment that they are working with inside of a home.

The gorgeous home theater systems that Crescendo creates are a trademark for their business. Lush leather couches and chairs with the theater room custom designed for each client has left its mark on countless estates in the Hamptons.

The Southampton sales and showroom is located at 14 Main Street in Southampton and offers an experience for anybody interested in the services and products Crescendo Designs has to offer. They can be reached at 631-283-2133.

Crescendo Designs Voted Dans Papers Best of the Best 2009

bob_2009.jpgCrescendo Designs has received its sixth straight Best of the Best award from Dan’s Papers.  Each year Dan’s Papers holds a contest where readers vote for their favorites in many categories.  We’re proud to have won this award again.

Come visit our showroom at 14 Main St. in Southampton and see what the buzz is all about.

Innovative Lampless LED Home Theater Technology Available at Crescendo


Southampton Dealer Combines High-End Home Theater Technology and Design

Runco’s revolutionary QuantumColor™ projectors with energy-changing, energy-saving LED technology are now available at Crescendo Designs, a high-end home technology dealer on Southampton’s Main Street. These luxury video solutions are on display at Crescendo’s state-of-the-art Main Street showroom, which offers leading systems from such premium manufacturers as SONY, Pioneer, Runco, B&W and BDI at a competitive price.

“Lampless LED illumination technology provides an infinite light source that creates an energy-efficient projector with the widest color gamut available in home theater projection,” according to Chris Brody, President of Crescendo Designs. “The picture quality is just phenomenal and there’s no need to replace an expensive bulb every few years.”

Crescendo combines this high-end technology with high-end design to provide clients with a total home theater experience featuring premium projectors and surround sound systems within highly-stylized, acoustically-treated environments designed with the finest in home theater furnishings, according to Brody. On-staff manufacturer-certified programmers and installers – as well as 24/7 service – ensure client satisfaction, he notes.

To see a selection of stunning home theater designs, visit Crescendo Designs’ 3,300-square foot showroom on Main Street in Southampton. For an in-home consultation, call 631.283.2133.

New Zeppelin Mini iPod Speaker System Available at Crescendo Designs


Southampton Retailer Offers the Best in Home Technology at Unbeatable Savings

The new B&W Zeppelin Mini, the ultimate iPod speaker system, is now available at Crescendo Designs, a high-end home technology dealer on Southampton’s Main Street. It’s the latest addition to the Crescendo showroom, which features leading systems from such premium manufacturers as SONY, Pioneer, Runco, B&W and BDI at a competitive price.

“With its breathtaking sound quality and stunning design features, the streamlined Zeppelin Mini is perfect when you want a big sound in smaller spaces,” according to Chris Brody, President of Crescendo Designs. “Its compact sound dock package is perfect for desktops and bedside tables – and we’re happy to be able to offer this innovation to our clients.”

In addition to carrying the latest in home technology, Crescendo also offers expert advice from experienced sales professionals, on-staff manufacturer-certified programmers and installers and 24/7 customer service on all installations, Brody says.

To see the new Zeppelin Mini or a selection of stunning room designs, visit Crescendo Designs’ 3,300-square foot, state-of-the-art showroom on Southampton’s Main Street or call 631.283.2133 for an in-home consultation.


Crescendo Designs Named Exclusive TRUFIG Dealer

Revolutionary flush-mounting system adds “clean” look to interior design

Crescendo Designs has been named one of the country’s exclusive high-end technology dealers for TRUFIG, a revolutionarytrufignews.jpg flush-mounting system that creates that sought-after “clean” look to any technology installation.

Designed to seamlessly blend protruding wall and ceiling accessories — including light switches/dimmers, electrical outlets, lighting keypads, touchscreens, phone/data wall plates, and volume controls — TRUFIG enables Crescendo’s installation team to create a perfectly-flush result into any wall or ceiling.

“TRUFIG enhances interior architectural design by taking away the unsightly edges and other installation fixtures, such as screws, that are visible with other mounting systems,” explains Chris Brody, President of Crescendo Designs. “The resulting look of a TRUFIG-treated wall or ceiling is a very smooth, ‘clean’ surface; you have to see it to appreciate the difference.”

To see a TRUFIG installation, visit Crescendo Designs’ 3,300-square foot, state-of-the-art showroom on Southampton’s Main Street or call 631.283.2133 for an in-home consultation.