Now, electrical outlets, dimmers and keypads in granite, marble and wood all but disappear with an innovative solid surface solution from TRUFIG. Recognized for making electronics unobtrusive and almost invisible in sheetrock, TRUFIG’s new award-winning system can produce the same results in these high-end, natural finishes.

Like the original product, the new TRUFIG Solid Surface Solutions do a great job of hiding in-wall electronics on unconventional surfaces.

To make sure your TRUFIG solid-surface solution is an undetectable as it is beautiful speak to your Crescendo Designs professional.



Behind the scenes should always look as good as the rest of the house! We pride our team on our clean, sleek and organized rack installations👏🏻 This 32 zone audio system is equipped with 8 cable boxes , camera system with DVR, 3 @kaleidescapeinc Blu-ray quality servers and more!😎 If you want it done the right way the first time, contact Crescendo: 631-283-2133

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