prima-cinema.jpgGet the popcorn ready: By this time next year, you’ll be able to watch first-run movies in your home screening room the same day they’re released in movie theaters, thanks to a new system set to launch by Prima Cinema.

The California-based company is planning to offer home theater owners a “true home theater experience” with a $35,000 digital system that enables them to watch brand new movies at home, at a cost of about $500 per film.

“This is definitely a service that will be attractive to the true ‘movie buffs’ among our high-end clients,” explains Chris Brody, president and CEO of Crescendo Designs. “The ability to watch first-run movies at home has long been a perk for a small circle of Hollywood powerbrokers—not anymore.

“At Crescendo, we’re always looking for innovations that take the home theater experience to a whole new level,” he adds. “The Prima Cinema innovation is a very exciting one.” The new Prima Cinema system launch is backed by Best Buy’s venture capital arm and GE-owned movie studio Universal Pictures.