They say it’s impossible to be in more than one place at the same time, but don’t bother trying to convince this East Hampton homeowner. Crescendo Designs has given him the ability to extend his eyes and ears to the very edge of his property line—even when he’s miles away.

How is this possible? The entire home is outfitted with Control4 Home Integration, top-of-the-line home automation technology. The system is managed on “iDevices” such as the iPhone or iPad, both within the 7,500-square-foot main house and remotely.

“He’s able to turn down the heat in his house even if he’s in China!” said Jennifer Miller, design consultant at Crescendo Designs. “It’s an incredibly important feature for homeowners looking for easy year-round maintenance, especially those with summer homes in the Hamptons.”

Jennifer, who’s part of the team at the high-end home technology firm that designed and installed the state-of-the-art system, says “The added security of knowing who’s at their front door at all times really offers some peace of mind.”

The ultra-sophisticated home surveillance is integrated into the telephone system, fully equipped with gate and door cameras, and even programmed to send an alert to the client through his outdoor speakers, should he happen to be enjoying the weather or watching his outdoor TV.

Invisible speakers from the Sonance Landscape Series are peppered throughout the property to blanket the three acres in top-quality, uniform sound.

Indoors, several Samsung Ultra Slim LED TVs are featured throughout the home’s interior, recessed in custom millwork with hidden audio to blend seamlessly and beautifully with their surroundings.

The screening room boasts an 80-inch LED TV for gaming, while a 120-inch electronic dropdown screen discreetly recesses behind custom molding when not being partnered with its Runco LightStyle Projector.

Crescendo worked closely with the home interiors team at Rees Roberts & Partners, architect John David Rose, landscape architect Edmund Hollander, and custom builder HF Swanson to ensure the technology in the home complements, rather than compromises, their client’s expectations for overall aesthetics. Strategic pre-wiring is already in place for further additions and projects, giving the home endless potential for the future.