Having the latest in entertainment technology doesn’t mean you’ll need to see it in your home day in and day out. The creative team at Crescendo Designs can provide the experience you need without compromising the aesthetic you demand.

Case in point: A recent client wanted a powerful home theater system secretly hidden in a living room overlooking Central Park in their meticulously designed 4,000-square-foot Manhattan apartment. Crescendo’s team orchestrated the disappearing act by working closely with the architect, interior designer, and builder during a renovation project to engineer custom solutions that could move the high-end AV equipment in or out of sight on command.

With the press of a button on the Control4 Home Integration System, the window shades lower, a screen descends from a hidden trap, and the cabinetry transforms to allow a projector to move into position. The room’s audio includes three custom-finished bookshelf speakers, two subwoofers that are artistically camouflaged within custom millwork, and two pairs of in-ceiling channels that round out the 7.2 surround sound system.

“When the theater system isn’t being enjoyed by the client, it all disappears within the living room’s classically elegant design,” says Chris Brody, president of Crescendo.

That isn’t the only space in the home with hidden technology treasures. The study’s ultra-thin TV has a custom-matched soundbar paired with a subwoofer that hides within its custom millwork and another pair of custom-finished speakers for music. There are also two LED TVs in the home that vanish behind large custom-framed mirrors in the family and living rooms when not in use.

“Their son favors the family room for video-gaming,” Brody notes, “with its high-end video and 5.1 surround sound system hidden, of course, in-ceiling speakers and an in-wall subwoofer.”

“Every element of technology in this entire project was carefully selected and designed to essentially disappear or complement the home’s aesthetic,” he explains. “Even the Lutron lighting system features custom-engraved architectural keypads that blend into their surrounding wall space.”

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