A five-story Manhattan residence takes the concept of total home control to a whole new level, thanks to the technology design and installation expertise of the professionals at Crescendo Designs.

“The homeowner wanted a system that not only met his entertainment needs, but also his need to maintain security and communication with his family members, no matter where they were in the home’s five floors,” explains Mike Brody, vice president. He already had used Crescendo to design and install the multi-room audio system and high-performance media room in his East Hampton residence, so the Southampton-based home technology company was the logical choice.

“More and more, we’re seeing repeat business from clients who hire us for their weekend or summer homes on the East End, and then call us in for their primary homes in Manhattan, too,” he explains. In this New York City residence, Crescendoo designed and installed the integrated Crestron total home control system that comes complete with remote access, so the homeowner can monitor and control the system when he’s out in the Hamptons.

“This level of control and peace of mind was critically important to this client,” Brody notes. “Crestron technology really was the ideal solution.” The system not only features multi-room audio throughout this 6,500-square foot residence—and in the backyard—it also integrates the home’s HVAC and security measures. Intercom and door integration allow floor-to-floor audio and video communications with the main entrance door (regardless of where in the home the client is), while Crestron touch panels display both surveillance cameras and the local weather, so the homeowner can see what’s going on in, and around, the residence.

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