A Water Mill homeowner’s quest to turn his home theater into a reference-quality room with industry-standard technology turned into a blockbuster success that’s earning a big “thumbs-up” from every member of his family.

“The owner had hired a company from outside the local area to design and install the original theater room, but opted to go closer to home this time to ensure he got both high-quality products and superior local service,” explains Crescendo Designs vice president Mike Brody, who managed the project’s team of designers.

While the client’s main goal was to update his old projection system with a state-of-the-art product that met 2-D reference standards but also had 3-D capabilities, the Crescendo team took it a step further, creating a complete home theater solution that delivers sound and image-quality that satisfies any director or composer—all without disrupting the existing room’s finishes.

“Working within the space we had to create a truly spectacular home theater was our biggest challenge,” Mike explains. For video, the team selected the Runco D-73 Dual LED Projector with Cinewide Autoscope lens and a Steward Cinecurve Masking Screen. The LED Projector provides both incredible and comfortable 3-D viewing and outstanding 2-D picture quality, while the Stewart Cinecurve offers viewers a larger, more immersive experience without overwhelming. The screen adjusts to HDTV content, keeping the picture size comfortable and appropriate for the room, and also eliminates black bars on widescreen movies.

During the room transformation, Crescendo also upgraded the room’s control system and video sources, adding new Crestron components, a wireless touchscreen, a Blu-ray player, and Apple TV. They also “auditioned” the room’s audio system.

“We knew it could be dramatically improved,” Mike notes, “and the client agreed.” The resulting audio system—featuring BW Diamond Series Front Speakers, JLAudio F113 subwoofers mated to a new Classe SSP processor with matching amplifiers—provides outstanding clarity of sound with incredible range, power, and depth.

“This home theater delivers outstanding picture and sound quality, even in 3-D,” Mike concludes. “The family is overjoyed with the results and performance of the room and uses it every chance they get.”

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