As anyone who’s been to Manhattan knows, square footage is in short supply in most New York City apartments. That’s why the owner of an apartment on the fashionable Upper East Side counts on Crescendo Design to help him make the most of his: achieving big, audiophile-quality sound in a small space.

The client’s goal for the project—his fourth with Crescendo—was definitely a tall order, according to vice president Mike Brody, who spearheaded the redesign at the 2,500-square-foot residence.

“He wanted to replace his outdated audio/video technology with a state-of-the-art distribution system that would offer reference performance and improved aesthetics. The challenge was the tight space—and even tighter timeframe.”

Crescendo delivered on all fronts, working with designer Pepe Lopez and Arthur Jessel Construction to ensure the high-performance home technology fit seamlessly within the apartment.

In the great room and smaller media room, Wisdom speakers deliver the cleanest, strongest sound. Those in the great room are tall and slender to blend with the room’s décor, while the ones in the media room are part of a surround system featuring a Datasat (DTS) reference processor and in-ceiling subwoofers to accommodate its limited space. Invisible speakers keep the finished look simple and clean.

“When our client heard the sound filling the great room, he was ecstatic and shook my hand,” Mike recalls. “What was thrilling for me was that I felt exactly the same way about the results.”

The spectacular sound system and the apartment’s new lighting is controlled via a Crestron home automation solution the client can access via strategically placed touchscreens and via his laptop, iPad, and iPhone.

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