Achieving complete unification of this client’s year-round, multi-building North Haven retreat—without taking away from its spectacular interiors and waterfront views—created a singular challenge for Crescendo Designs.

“This project was twice as complex and took twice the amount of time a traditionally constructed home would—but the result is just fantastic,” Mike Brody, vice president of Crescendo Designs, said.

The 8,000-square-foot home consists of a main house, guest cottage, and waterfront cottage—all linked through underground passageways.

“The interconnected structures leading to the private dock created a unique home automation challenge,” Brody explained. The Crescendo team met this challenge head-on with an integrated Crestron-based solution that links the technology in each individual building together so they now operate as if they were one structure.

“If you’re sitting in the master bedroom overlooking the compound and see a light shining in the waterfront cottage, you can switch it off without even leaving the room just by touching the Crestron panel,” Brody said. “In fact, you wouldn’t even need to see the light—the touch panel alone would let you know that the light is on.”

“Without these systems in place, keeping up with this home would be a workout in itself—it’s that huge: You just don’t realize it until you are there,” Brody said.

In addition to lighting, the system also enables the owner to view, set, and control the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning for each room, in each building, from this panel. That same page also manages the pool, security cameras, and music. The sounds of a Spotify playlist (their preferred music source) is available throughout the house—there are even speakers at the dock and in the master shower.

While the sounds of music abound, a visitor would be hard-pressed to identify their source, as much of the project’s time was spent assuring that everything—from the wiring to the final fit and finish—featured components that do not distract from the home’s visual appeal. For example, the speakers are just the right size to fit perfectly in wood planks, other components are remotely located, televisions are flush or hidden, and electrical outlets are disguised using TruFig.

Even the television in the master bedroom sits on an underbed lift to ensure it doesn’t disturb the room’s unbelievable water view when not in use. This attention to aesthetic detail continues down to the basement, which features a three-tiered theater room.

The picture and sound are dynamite—with a massive Stewart screen, Sony 4K projector, and B&W speakers—and all of its electronic components remain hidden so the room’s décor matches the simple and casual, yet elegant, style of the rest of the house.

A virtual window-wall in a basement passageway keeps that “whole-house” feeling going. Built to resemble a window located on the first floor of the home, it features a flush-mount TV connected to a dock camera that shows a nonstop display of the dock and water.

“When people walk by and see it, they are floored,” Brody said.

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