They say “every little bit helps.” That old adage is still true today for a Southampton homeowner who has fulfilled his passion for high-end audio and video with a years-long relationship with Crescendo Designs.

“We’ve worked with this client on many projects over the years as he’s created his own home entertainment mecca—indoors and out,” explains Steve Berry, senior design consultant. “We’ve proven time and again that we care about his needs and have both the technical expertise and superior service commitment to get the job done.”

As a result, the home now features the finest in custom audio/video technology and the latest in total home control systems. Indoors, there are four Runco plasma displays—three 65-inch models and one 50-inch model—and outside there is a a weatherproof 42-inch television on the back porch. Not to be outdone in the sound arena, the home also features two high-end audio systems: A Focal Utopia LCR setup in the den and B&W CT8s in the basement media room.

And it’s all easily controlled—anytime, from anywhere—using the home’s Crestron home integration system. This enables its owner to access to the AV systems, HVAC, and some Lutron lighting elements throughout the house or remotely via his iPhone or computer. In the warmer months, he also can use his iPad to control his outdoor audio zone for even greater convenience.

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